Sunday, 20 September 2015

You Like Someone But You Afraid?

Love is something that mystery which everyone feel hard to know it much. When you really really really into it, you will start to feel comfortable, happy, laugh and miss each other. As we know, the phrase for "afraid" have a lot of definitions. It could be that you afraid from been rejected, only friend-zone or maybe he/she had no longer in single status. What I want to share is about when you love someone or start like someone, try be a little bit self-confidence about yourself.


  • Love is the feeling that everyone must have it. Being in love doesn't mean that you need to go in front of your crush and said loudly of  'I LOVE YOU' statement. All you need to do is be with him/her all the time. But that is not including you need to stay with him/her in their place, or snogging on the bed. What I mean here is you need to be with him/her with any situations. Don't ever obey him/her especially when they need you. For example, like their parents died or something make him/her sad.

  • If you love him/her, just stay even they already had a boyfriend/girlfriend. They just not marry yet and you still have a chance. Just stay as a friend first and don't ever get rush about it. Sometimes, him/her may ignore you but literally, don't ever give up on it. Contact as usual, take care of him/her feelings unless they block you. It cannot be helped.

  • Accept who she/he is even though she/he might make you feel annoy. That's who she/he is, being themselves. "I love you not because you pretty or poor. What I love about you because you are busy being yourself and love about yourself. That's what make me love you!" this quote really help me a lot which I already love with my crush and at same time she also love me about 3 month after that. She said to me that I'm the type which very hard to find because I'm the one can treat her comfortably even she somehow like brutal a little bit but it's okay with me because love against everything in this world.

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